7 Strange facts about medical marijuana

7 Strange facts about medical marijuana

These days, everyone knows what medical marijuana is unless you’ve been sleeping under a rock for the last decade. People know that marijuana is a plant and that many use it to help relieve their medical ailments. But there are some strange facts about marijuana you may not know, or not quite understand.

7 Strange Marijuana Facts

– It’s almost impossible to overdose on marijuana.
We say “almost” to be fair, but the truth is that overdosing on marijuana is basically never going to happen. Why? The 1988 Drug Enforcement Administration statement summed up that “someone who smokes weed would have to consume close to 1,500 pounds of marijuana in roughly 15 minutes for it to result in death.” That’s sounds almost impossible to us.
– You can smoke marijuana in North Korea, with no consequence.
This fact has been popping up a lot lately. Why is this fact so strange? Considering how strict and regulated this country is on virtually every other aspect of life, they are surprisingly really laid back when it comes to weed. In fact, you can get an ounce of weed for about $100 there (the same amount costs almost $350 locally).
– Marijuana can actually make your lungs healthier.
Yes, you read that correctly. A 2012 study showed that short-term exposure to marijuana smoke will actually help increase lung functioning. For those who smoke cigarettes regularly, marijuana smoke can still help your lungs because it’s still increasing lung functioning. Even users who smoke a joint a day for 20 years displayed the same lung functioning as someone who didn’t smoke, as found in another study in 2013. Want to make sure your lungs are even healthier when smoking marijuana? Vaporizers are an ideal choice because they heat up the marijuana just enough to activate the chemicals but not combust them. However, heavy long-term smokers (users smoking a lot of marijuana every day) showed mixed evidence on possible unhealthy side-effects. Moderation is key.
– Marijuana might affect men and women differently.
According to a 2014 study, females are more sensitive to marijuana’s painkilling properties. They were also more likely to develop a tolerance to the plant than men. This is perhaps due to the fact that women have higher levels of estrogen, which increase sensitivity to the effect of cannabis.
– Bizarre marijuana strain names are a tradition.
The name game goes back at least to the 1970’s, when strains such as “Maui Waui” started popping up. Why are the names so strange? Marijuana growers and cultivators are left with the task of naming their new hybrid strains. When they find themselves stuck, what better way to figure it out but with a brainstorm smoke session?
– Marijuana has unknown beginnings.
Many will argue this fact, claiming that the first marijuana records were found in centuries Before the Common Era (B.C.E.). However, no one really knows for sure who the first person was to discover marijuana’s medicinal effects. What we do know is that the Chinese deserve some credit for the origins of pot used as medicine. The Taiwanese also used hemp as far back as 10,000 years ago to decorate pottery. Any way you look at it, the first time someone used marijuana is lost to history.
– Tupac Shakur was rolled up and smoked.
This one sounds crazy, but it was actually done at Tupac’s request. After he died, his cremated ashes were mixed with California Kush and were “rolled up and smoked by his rap group.” What a way to say goodbye!
These are just seven of the many strange facts about marijuana. But there are plenty of other pot facts that people don’t know about. As marijuana becomes less stigmatized and more research is allowed, more facts will start coming to light about this strange medicinal plant. We here at Las Vegas ReLeaf medical marijuana dispensary cannot wait to learn more about this medical plant that has already helped so many across Las Vegas and the world.,

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