420 Legally Celebrated in Vegas

420 Legally Celebrated in Vegas

Las Vegas now has a “green district” that includes Las Vegas ReLeaf, and it was popping on 4/20. Now that medical marijuana dispensaries are legally open throughout the city, 4/20 (a day to celebrate cannabis culture) medical marijuana patients celebrated in style. Many dispensaries, including Las Vegas ReLeaf, celebrated the stoner holiday with specials, raffle prizes, giveaways and many other awesome deals for local and traveling medical marijuana patients.

Vegas 4/20 Highlights

This was the first 4/20 legally celebrated in Las Vegas, and pro-pot people went crazy for the day’s festivities. Not only could patients access great specials and raffle prizes, but everyone could celebrate with live music, food, tours, and even 420 tattoos for only $20!
With the first 4/20 successfully celebrated in Sin City, marijuana dispensaries look to the future and next year’s 4/20 celebrations. As the marijuana industry continues to grow here, you should expect to see some pretty awesome 420 celebrations on future 4/20 dates – Vegas style celebrations, that is.
What’s the big deal about 4/20 anyways? This is a holiday in which everyone who supports marijuana legalization comes together for the celebration of weed. Patients show up to support the marijuana industry on this day, and many other marijuana proponents come out of the woodwork to be part of the celebration.
The Las Vegas Medical Marijuana Association showed its support by hosting a walking tour of marijuana dispensaries here in Las Vegas. The Association president stated, “We’re paying homage to the cannabis culture because this culture has brought medical marijuana to the forefront.”
As of March 2016, more than 16,000 Nevadans carry medical marijuana cards. The Las Vegas Medical Marijuana Association took this chance to host walking tours on 4/20 along Vegas’ new “green district,” which includes Paradise Road, Sahara Avenue and Las Vegas Blvd.
The 420 holiday has been celebrated for a long time, but it is finally receiving the celebration it deserves in Las Vegas, with over 16,000 patients to celebrate, too. But it’s not just about getting high. The 420 holiday is about educating people on the medical benefits of cannabis. It’s time to stop giving into stereotypes and pretending marijuana is the bad reefer drug it’s been made out to be. It’s time to stop prohibition and start driving more revenue to Southern Nevada with legalized and regulated marijuana.,

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