3 Reasons Smoking Medical Marijuana on Thanksgiving is Good for Your Health

3 Reasons Smoking Medical Marijuana on Thanksgiving is Good for Your Health

Thanksgiving is the time of year to see the family, be thankful, and eat a lot of food in a very short amount of time. The joys of Thanksgiving dinner vary from family to family, but we can all agree on how much we love Thanksgiving food. Hours of preparation followed by a delicious meal (and the possibility of heated political discussions) and then spending time lying on the couch with stomach pain is how the typical American will spend Thanksgiving. One substance that can provide assistance during Thanksgiving is marijuana. Discover three reasons why medical marijuana will be an excellent addition to your Thanksgiving meal and overall health during the Holiday Season.

Benefits of Medical Marijuana on Thanksgiving

1. Marijuana Makes Eating Food Awesome

Marijuana’s effects on the body and brain include increased metabolism and a jump in the hunger hormone. Commonly called the munchies, marijuana’s ability to increase appetite and stimulate the eating experience is perfect for those big meals, like Thanksgiving. Using marijuana right before your Thanksgiving meal will give you the capacity to eat more without feeling so bloated.

2. Marijuana Helps Digestive Disorders and Stomach Pain

Not only can marijuana help you eat more, enjoy eating more, and limit discomfort from overeating, it is a well-known antiemetic. THC found in marijuana can help treat severe stomach aches and digestive disorders, even help people with cancer, GERD and inflammatory bowel disease. So, if you wake up not feeling so good on the third Thursday of this month, the benefits of medical marijuana can help settle your stomach. After all, no one wants to miss Thanksgiving due to a stomach ache.

3. Marijuana is Safer than Alcohol

We all know what happens when you serve alcohol at family functions. There’s that one family member (usually an uncle) who starts spewing inappropriate messages. But the safety of drinking on Thanksgiving is not just a family matter. Thanksgiving Eve is the beginning of the deadliest holiday season when it comes to drunk driving and alcohol-related fatalities. Sure, everyone expects to have a few extra drinks on Thanksgiving and Christmas, but drinking too much can lead to dangerous health and safety consequences that don’t happen with marijuana.

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